Thursday Confessions

I am excited to link with Danielle for some Thursday Confessions.

I confess…

…that on Saturday we went for our Saturday coffee and the coffee shop ran out of ice and their blender was not working and then all of a sudden we had four cars behind us and we waited for about 15 minutes for our drinks. I was so embarassed. I wanted to drive off but I had already paid. I don’t know why I was embarassed. The lady kept apologizing, we were not angry, but I was embarassed because I knew the people behind me were thinking “WHAT DID THEY ORDER?!?!?!”

…I don’t care who wins the Super Bowl. I will be watching it for the commercials this year.

Outstanding New Memes Today:

…I felt like it was 9:00 PM last night, but it was really 6:30 and I was jealous that my husband was already asleep.

…it was spitting snowing yesterday morning and when my kids yelled out “NOOOOO” I was so happy because we are over it. If it is too much for the kids, it is way too much for me!

…I thought that my DVR had some how skipped the first half of the season of Scandal. I was so surprised and happy to hear that I had missed nothing and that it was starting back up tonight.

…Teresa Giudice’s book “Turning the Tables” is on my must-read-this-year book list. I may be a year late but I still want to read it.

Image result for teresa giudice turning the tables

…I have some Old Navy super cash that I am excited to use in a couple of weeks. I have been waiting to use it since January.

…I suck at Snap Chat. I sent my friend a snap the other day using the deer filter. Nope, I didn’t in fact snap my friend, I snapped a stranger and the stranger snapped me back using the same filter (and it was a guy who I had never seen before). Tara and Jake are not anywhere close to each other so I don’t know how I did this.

…I have texted “I love you” to really random people because I forget that I text people other than my husband daily.

Happy Thursday!



21 thoughts on “Thursday Confessions

  1. Last night I got ready for bed, finished my book and turned off the lights only to discover it was 9:15..whoops. I ended up watching a few episodes of Friends before finally going to sleep. A friend of mine has the best/worst habit of texting the wrong people. My personal favourite was when she meant to text her husband that they needed toilet paper and instead texted one of her employees. #awkward

  2. I love everything about this post. We think so much alike! I love the super bowl just for the commercials too, I am so excited that Scandal returns tonight, and I have the same old navy super cash that I am dying to use next month!!! Have a great day!

    1. Jessica, I think that we think a lot alike too! I always can relate to your posts! I cannot wait for Scandal tonight. I have been looking forward to it all day! Woohoo for Old Navy super cash.

  3. Your snapchat story is hilarious! I once texted my husband a picture of a hotel room and said “We need to get away”…except I sent it to another Mark in my phone…not my husband, BUT Pastor Mark!!! Omg, I was so embarrassed. Thankfully he text me back “Wrong Mark!”

  4. lol…snapchat is SOOO tricky!! Last week I thought I was just snapping my friends but instead was adding to my story for the world to watch. And goodness…I must have my head in the sand because I don’t even know who is playing in the super bowl. lol…we will be in Vegas for the super bowl so I’m wondering if that will be interesting.

  5. The random “I Love You” texts – been there done that! HAHA! I just always assume my husband is the top text because surely he’s the last person I’ve texted. I’ve even said “I love you” to strangers when I hang up the phone, out of habit. So so awkward!

    1. Stephanie, good to hear a your thoughts on this book. She has always been so interesting to me. She is a favorite of mine on the show but I could not ever imagine hanging out with her. I will have to read this now!

  6. I suck at snap chat too. I just read other people’s stories. Ha. I thought my dvr messed up last week too. I was waiting for Grey’s Anatomy and it didn’t come on. So glad that it dvr’d this week. I love watching the commercials at Super Bowl, but that monkey one was awful. Ha. Have a great weekend!

    1. I am so excited to watch Scandal tonight. I record it on my DVR also and cannot wait to watch. I love the Super Bowl commercials. The Dorito ones are always pretty funny. Have a great weekend!

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