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Right Now, in January

Right now, in January


  • Maddi has turned into a basketball beast. She is aggresive, steals the ball, and shoots. She is still a little timid to put up a good rebound fight, but I know it is coming. It has been fun to watch her play.
  • She cannot get enough Roald Dahl books. Just this month she has read “The Twits”, “The Witches”, and has started “Matilda”.
  • Maddi has been practicing “the cups song”.  It is her favorite song this month.
  • Her favorite saying this month has been “just a titch”….meaning a small amount.
  • She asks for egg whites for breakfast.
  • Maddi has started journaling.
  • Maddi has been begging for a little dog. We are going to dog-sit in March and she can hardly contain herself.


  • Guy is active in a basketball clinic.
  • He can not get enough “Aliens Love Underpants”, “Pirates Love Underpants”, “Monsters Love Underpants”, and “Dinosaurs Love Underpants” books. If they love underpants and are in a book, this boy has it and loves it.
  • Guy’s favorite song of the month is “Stitches”.
  • Guy has his fifth loose tooth.
  • Guy wants the Falcons to win the Super Bowl.
  • He needs a haircut, but his friend Charlotte likes it longer so he is having a hard time deciding when to get his hair cut! Hahaha!
  • Guy tried a science experiment with some “sea monkey” like things and none of them grew. It was a sad day. We are going to try round two soon.


  • Brandon is excited to start spring work, although there is too much snow on the ground. The farmer is ready to roll.
  • I am loving the new Dierks Bently song.
  • We were both bummed when the Seahawks lost.
  • We have been busy watching our favorite shows “The Big Bang Theory” and “Fixer Upper”.

Just a little look at some things that are specific to the month of January for our little family.


6 thoughts on “Right Now, in January

    1. I love when she says it! It just makes me smile. You can’t keep the farmer down! Hahaha! While I would be happy marathoning (Netflix) he would rather be working and I just don’t get it! 🙂 Have a great day!


    1. I thought it might be kind of fun to do this each month because so much changes in a short amount of time and I think I will remember some things…but that doesn’t happen! Hahaha! “Just a titch” kills me! 🙂


  1. I am with your husband – I’m ready to break some ground and plant some stuff! Of course mine is a smaller level than his! I’m not too happy with Guy’s super bowl pick. And Maddi – go girl with those ballin’ skills! OK which of you had red hair when you were little?!?!?!

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    1. I cannot wait to start my garden. We are putting in raised beds next month and I am so excited. We can’t plant anything until the end of April or beginning of May, but at least my garden boxes will be in 🙂 We have no idea where the red hair came from…no joke, our mail man had red hair!

      Liked by 1 person

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