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Right Now, in January

Right now, in January


  • Maddi has turned into a basketball beast. She is aggresive, steals the ball, and shoots. She is still a little timid to put up a good rebound fight, but I know it is coming. It has been fun to watch her play.
  • She cannot get enough Roald Dahl books. Just this month she has read “The Twits”, “The Witches”, and has started “Matilda”.
  • Maddi has been practicing “the cups song”.  It is her favorite song this month.
  • Her favorite saying this month has been “just a titch”….meaning a small amount.
  • She asks for egg whites for breakfast.
  • Maddi has started journaling.
  • Maddi has been begging for a little dog. We are going to dog-sit in March and she can hardly contain herself.


  • Guy is active in a basketball clinic.
  • He can not get enough “Aliens Love Underpants”, “Pirates Love Underpants”, “Monsters Love Underpants”, and “Dinosaurs Love Underpants” books. If they love underpants and are in a book, this boy has it and loves it.
  • Guy’s favorite song of the month is “Stitches”.
  • Guy has his fifth loose tooth.
  • Guy wants the Falcons to win the Super Bowl.
  • He needs a haircut, but his friend Charlotte likes it longer so he is having a hard time deciding when to get his hair cut! Hahaha!
  • Guy tried a science experiment with some “sea monkey” like things and none of them grew. It was a sad day. We are going to try round two soon.


  • Brandon is excited to start spring work, although there is too much snow on the ground. The farmer is ready to roll.
  • I am loving the new Dierks Bently song.
  • We were both bummed when the Seahawks lost.
  • We have been busy watching our favorite shows “The Big Bang Theory” and “Fixer Upper”.

Just a little look at some things that are specific to the month of January for our little family.


6 thoughts on “Right Now, in January

  1. Love that your farmer is ready to roll (you gorgeous babe…love that pic) and hearing what the sweet kiddos are up too! Maddie’s saying just a titch…so cute!!

    1. I love when she says it! It just makes me smile. You can’t keep the farmer down! Hahaha! While I would be happy marathoning (Netflix) he would rather be working and I just don’t get it! 🙂 Have a great day!

    1. I thought it might be kind of fun to do this each month because so much changes in a short amount of time and I think I will remember some things…but that doesn’t happen! Hahaha! “Just a titch” kills me! 🙂

  2. I am with your husband – I’m ready to break some ground and plant some stuff! Of course mine is a smaller level than his! I’m not too happy with Guy’s super bowl pick. And Maddi – go girl with those ballin’ skills! OK which of you had red hair when you were little?!?!?!

    1. I cannot wait to start my garden. We are putting in raised beds next month and I am so excited. We can’t plant anything until the end of April or beginning of May, but at least my garden boxes will be in 🙂 We have no idea where the red hair came from…no joke, our mail man had red hair!

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