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Weekend Recap {Long Weekend}

In November and December, our weekends were FULL. The theme of January seems to be basketball and then home and I couldn’t love it more. I am such a homebody. Anyone else with me? My kids are homebodies, my hubby is a homebody, and there is really no better way to spend a weekend than with minimal plans. Here is what our long weekend looked liked…

Saturday morning started with me taking Guy to Basketball bright and early.

Maddi had a game in the early afternoon and rocked it! She was so timid the first game, but this game she came out like a beast. She stole the ball a couple of times, went after it, rebounded, and had some assists.

Saturday night, Guy went to his friend Charlotte’s house. I cleaned, while Brandon and Maddi watched a movie.

Sunday I made some monkey bread as a treat for my fam-bam. I love making something for breakfast like this and then the kids and Brandon can snack on it throughout the weekend.

Sunday was full of football watching, the kids went to my parents house and rode on the snowmobile, and Brandon and I went to Costco for groceries. When the kids got home they treated me to a spa night.

Monday, sweet Monday. I slept in until 7:30. It was amazing. I am up at 4:30 Monday-Friday so this was so nice. I woke up, had some quiet time, cleaned the house, and watched The Today Show. The kids woke up and we made some cookies together.

I worked on assessments and report cards Sunday afternoon. One of the biggest rewards of kindergarten is the growth they show from the beginning of the year until the end and this is the time of year where the biggest growth happens.

Maddi had basketball practice and I picked up one of Guy’s buddies (whose sister is on the team) and they hung out. Usually they play football or a game, or Nerf guns but this night was all about the old school Nintendo and Mario Brothers.

We had a great weekend. I am ready to get back to school tomorrow to see all my kiddos and hear about their weekends. I hope you had a great weekend. What did you do? Have a great day!


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6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap {Long Weekend}

  1. Basketball and home sound just great!!! I remember the boys playing the Upwards ball and it was so sweet, such slow games but precious none the less! That monkey bread…..I’ve died and went to carb heaven! YUM!! I so want that right now. I’ve been on a no sugar diet this week and I so want a cookie, lol Have a super day!

    1. It is so tempting having these treats in the house but I have held off! I have also been trying to limit sugar intake. We were watching The Pioneer Woman on Sunday and she made a lemon monkey bread and the kiddos NEEDED it! I was happy to oblige. I am loving these young sports it is fun watching them listen to coaches and take directions and being part of a team 🙂 Have a wonderful day Andrea!

  2. Seriously, that monkey bread has me drooling. I’ve seen it so many times but Ive never made it myself. I need to try it soon! Those cookies too!! #bestmomever !

    1. Annie, it is so easy to make and the Pioneer Woman has a great recipe to follow. It is so easy and a crowd pleaser for sure! Thanks for stopping in today, I hope you have a great day!

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