Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites {1/13/17}

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week. We were pretty busy in the afternoons and evenings and so this weekend is being welcomed in with lots of relaxing thoughts. Also, it is a long weekend and we have basketball, a movie date, snow, and lots of games to be played. It’s going to be a great weekend. Here are my favorites from the week…


I saw this on Instagram and bust up laughing every time I see it. Seriously, this year all my students are dabbing and the second I do it, they just moan and groan. Also, bottle flipping…WHY!?!?!


Here is the stapler that I have used for the past four years. And, I am pretty sure it was the same stapler that my first grade teacher used when I was in school. Legit, the same exact one. D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R. It works, but it sucks and the last thing on my mind buying a new stapler when I am out running errands…I know…shocking…

On Tuesday Ruthie walks in and asks if there is anything she can do for us (my partner teacher and I) and I asked if she would mind making copies and stapling books. I hand her my stapler and we both laugh about how old and sucky it is and she staples my books for me and we go about our Tuesday. Fast forward to Wednesday, her daughter brings me a new stapler and these cute sticker. I mean, this MADE my day. It made my week, and every time I staple something I just smile.

It is the little things that make teachers so happy, a parent volunteer and then getting a cute stapler. Thanks Ruthie!!!!


Thursday we had a 2 hour late start due to snow/ice. The kids were able to sleep in as late as their little hearts desired and I was able to make them their favorite breakfast.


My blogger friend, Erin from Perfectly Port is hosting a new link-up! Each day on the 10th of each month you talk about 10 things on the 10th. This was a fun link-up to participate in this week, we talked about 10 Random Facts about ousevles. I look forward to joining this link up all year. You should join in too!


It’s a long weekend. I am glad to have an extra day to spend with my people.

long weekend love, quote, tumblr // pinterest and insta → siobhan_dolan:

I hope you have a great weekend ahead of you. What are your plans? Do you have a long weekend as well?


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12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {1/13/17}

  1. I am so over the dab and water bottle flipping. I currently have two water bottles that some how got “flipped” in our gutters. 😡

    I am writing that link up down! How fun!
    Have a great weekend.

    1. That cracks me up about the water bottles in your gutter. The kids just can’t help themselves. And the dab for everything! Reading a sight word…dab…chicken nuggets for lunch…dab…seeing a friend in the hall…dab!

  2. The stapler! My mom was a teacher, and I often did tasks like copies for her. I can remember CONSTANTLY complaining about the sticky stapler, and rejoicing when a new one arrived. It truly is the little things that can make your day. Enjoy your long weekend!! Thanks for linking up with us over at H54F!

    1. Hi Katie, it really is the little things. Like any new office supply. It is like Christmas day. I am so excited for the day when my daughter can help with copies. She LOVES tearing out my reading worksheets and then sorting them for me which is a HUGE help. My son, not so much into the helping part, he would rather go play on the playground. Thanks for hosting the link up.

  3. What is that breakfast you have there? It looks like something my kids would love! Is it French toast?! I need a recipe, please. 🙂 I am such a dork when it comes to office supplies and I am loving that stapler! Glad you got a new one and some stickers! Makes me wonder how I could help out my boys’ teachers more! Have a great weekend!

    1. It was french toast and super easy. Four eggs and a splash of milk with a teaspoon of vanilla. I whisk it all together in a shallow dish and then dip the bread in the egg mixture on both sides, really quick and brown them on the griddle. Easy peasy. I love office supplies too! Encouraging notes are always a hit with teachers! I love getting notes or letters from parents. Have a great weekend!

  4. Happy LONG weekend, friend! This will make the second one for my kiddos – last weekend because of all the snow and this weekend. Then they get a midweek break the week after next – dang! Awe it is so wonderful you have a great parent volunteer! Good staplers are hard to come by!

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