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17 Goals for 2017

Today I am linking up with Shay and Erika for Workin’ it Wednesday. Today I am going to share with you my goals for 2017.

In addition to my monthly goals, I thought it might be fun to have a list of 17 other goals that I would like to accomplish and focus on over the next 12 months. I love the fresh start that January brings, and although I know that I can make goals for myself at anytime of the year (therefore some of these might change), I love making goals and resolutions for myself at the beginning of the New Year.

Now, let me put on my teacher hat for one minute…goals need to be specific. They need to be attainable, realistic, timely, and most importantly measurable. Teacher hat is off now…

Here are 17 goals I have for 2017…

  1. Better my photography skills including food photography.
  2. Focus on health.
  3. 40 Bags in 40 days. I need to clear out some junk. I made a list of all of the places that I will be cleaning out.
  4. Paint inside of our house.
  5. Paint outside of our house.
  6. Add mulch to the front of our house. Since moving into this house three years ago, we really have not done much of anything, including landscaping. This will be the year.
  7. Focus on our budget. Brandon and I talk about our budget daily, and where and how we are spending money. I think we also need to map out some goals for our budget for long term purposes. He is a long term planner, while I find a pair of shoes and buy them. It’s all about balance.
  8. Take one picture a day for 2017.
  9. Stop worrying about what other people think of me. This is huge for me, and for some reason I place a lot of weight on what others think of me. I am a people pleaser and I need to let it go. I will not always be everyone’s cup of tea. I am not sure how I will measure this, but I do need to get into the mindset for this.
  10. Read more. I graduated in September with my Masters Degree and just picked up my first book to read for enjoyment since summer break. It has been amazing. I would like to read three new books a month this year.
  11. Start planning our big trip for next year. Brandon and I have decided to take a big trip with the kids every other year, and take smaller trips on the other years. This is a small trip year, but we need to decide what we are doing for 2018 (DisneyWorld or another cruise).
  12. Limit my time on social media. Why is it that I feel the need to look at my phone during a TV show and before I know it, I have looked at Facebook through the whole show. Not this year. I have set up a time frame to look at social media. Social media is a great way to unwind and decompress, but it should not be something that takes up a lot of time or makes me tune out my family.
  13. Cut out soda. This is going to be so hard. I have gone years without soda and then recently Pepsi has made an almost daily appearance. I just need to cut it out. If it is not at my house, I am not tempted.
  14. Run another race.
  15. Do a complete shoulder stand during my yoga practice.
  16. Re-do Maddi and Guy’s rooms.
  17. Keep my car clean. Seriously, I feel like this is a losing battle. I swear my kids sabotage me in the cleaning department and I am pretty much a caffeinated clean freak so the house is okay, but my car is NOT. How do they just destroy things and where do the random things come from? Seriously? I have found large rocks (the size of a basketball) in my car. How did this happen? How do you keep your car clean? I need tips like yesterday! 🙂

So what are your goals? I like having goals that I can spread out throughout the year, but also add to my monthly goals. I also like making goals like re-doing the kiddos rooms and mulching out front because these things take some time to save and plan. I like having them on my radar now so that we can budget for them in the future.

Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “17 Goals for 2017

  1. Great idea for 17 goals for 2017!!
    We need to paint too but I would rather just build a new house! HA
    Can’t wait to see you crush your goals! oh and what is it about kids and cars…pigs I tell you!!

  2. So fun!!! Love the idea of 40 bags in 40 days! And how fun it will be to redo the kids rooms! I love to read but do not do it enough. Thus last book is taking me forever and I have 3 I want to start, lol. Gotta make the time! Have a super day beautiful!!

    1. I hear you about the time to read. It can be hard to fit it in. Sadly, weekends seem to be the only time to do it, but I will soak up every second reading! What books are you reading or wanting to read? I need some book reccomendations!

  3. Love 17 goals for 2017 and all awesome. From photography to people pleasing, I am right there with you! I also love that you have the goal to keep your car clean, I just had to clean it before the inlaws came (the back two rows of the van could have fed us all for dinner ;)! You are braver than me on the soda thing…sigh! Also congrats on your masters!!!

    1. My car can just be a dumping ground and it drives me insane. I don’t have a clue how some of this random stuff gets in there but I am determined to keep it clean and hold my kids to higher standards. Hahaha! Right now the no pop thing is going pretty good, I don’t miss it yet. Thanks for the congrats!

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