Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap…All the Sports Edition

I LOVED this weekend. This was the first weekend since the weekend before Veteran’s Day that we did not have a single thing on our list. AMAZING! As much as I love the holidays and all of the celebrations, it was amazing to not have a party or a celebration to go to. So now, on with the weekend.

Friday afternoon it was COLD. I also needed a quick pick-me-up so I had a cup of coffee and it was just the trick.

We had big plans of going up to the mountains, however with windchill it was below 0. Guy was happy to practice his snowboarding in our yard.

Friday night was full of Fixer Upper, cozy blankets, and hot tea. The kids watched their own movie and Brandon and I vegged.

Saturday started bright and early. Guy had his basketball clinic at 9. We came home for a bit, and then Maddi had her first game. She did great, her team lost but they really did a great job of shooting the ball and rebounding, as well as passing. It was a great first experience and I am really excited to see how much my girl grows this season. Before this year, she has always been so quiet and has never wanted to do a team sport. This fall she wanted to do soccer and that really brought her out of her shell. She requested to play basketball and we were so excited. Before this, she had done dance but decided to drop that after her spring recital.

Her fans!

Doing some drills.

Maddi’s game was over at 3:30 and we ran to the grocery store. We literally had the fastest weekly grocery shopping trip of our lives because we wanted to get home before  5:00 for the Seahawks game. We ordered pizza, picked it up and we were home before 4:45. We watched the game and I did some chores around the house. Guy also got sick right at bedtime, we were so worried about the flu but it ended up being just a little tummy ache and he was fine after that.

Sunday  morning was so relaxing. We curled up on the couch and read, watched football and the kids  played outside in the new snow.

Sunday evening we had a little family game night which included Candy Land and Uno.

I watched a little bit of the Golden Globes. My teacher brain kicked into over drive. That seating arrangement was horrible, there was not much room for people to walk around and it drove me crazy! AHHHH!

I hope you were able to rest and relax over the weekend. I also hope you have a great week ahead of you.


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6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap…All the Sports Edition

  1. Bha ha ha, the seating at The Golden Globes drove me nuts too! And hello my kind of night, tea, cozy, Fixer Upper!! Do we live in the same house, lol??!! I just wanna kiss lil Guy’s cheeks, that snowboard pic is soooo cute! Happy week ahead beautiful!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend and your Seahawks won so congrats on that. We had a great lazy weekend too considering 9 inches of snow fell, eeek. Since we aren’t a regular winter weather hot spot the kids have two snow days, today and tomorrow. Send in reinforcements!!! xo

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