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Meal Planning Sunday #9

Happy Sunday! I hope there is a day of rest and relaxation in front of you. We are at home all day today. Yesterday was full of basketball and watching the Seahawks. Dinners this week are yummy, healthy, and lite. Just the way to kick off the New Year.

Sunday: Chicken enchiladas and Spanish rice. In November we had dinner at my in-laws and they made the best Spanish rice. It tasted like it was directly from a Mexican restaurant. They were kind enough to get me the recipe book for Christmas and I making it for dinner tonight. I have been dreaming about this rice since!

Monday: Chef salads. Crunch lettuce, turkey, hard boiled eggs, crispy and fresh veggies. The perfect dinner for a Monday night. My kids love making their own salads and to encourage them to eat veggies, I have them chop the veggies for me. This usually gets them super excited to eat. Also, in the summer time when we grow a lot of our own veggies, they do a great job of eating them. Do any of you have a hard time getting your kiddos to eat veggies? Try having them help chop or grow them (when possible). Guy just hates the lettuce but will usually eat everything else.

Tuesday: Lite Tacos. I am going to blog this recipe this coming weekend but it includes wonton wrappers for the shells. Again, my kids love eating them because they are like little cupcakes.

Wednesday: Breakfast sandwiches. English muffins, ham, eggs, and grilled veggies. Also, I will cook up some potatoes to go alongside.

Thursday: Lite Chicken Parmesan.

Friday: Pizza night! It is still too cold to grill the pizza but that doesn’t stop us. This week we are going to use turkey pepperonni, mushrooms, and onions. Yummy! The kids usually make their own. Guy likes to make a cheese pizza and Maddi likes the toppings.

What is on your meal plan this week? How do you encourage your kids to eat their veggies? Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Sunday!




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  1. I’m really intrigued by the wonton taco’s!! Can’t wait to hear about it!
    I’m glad you’re sticking to normal pizza toppings Friday & not trying that pear thing again! πŸ˜‰

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