Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites {1/6/17}

Woohoo for the first Friday of 2017! I hope you all had a great first week of the year. We fell right back into a nice routine and it felt good. It was a great four day week at work. These next three months are so much fun in kindergarten. The students are little sponges and soak up everything, academic growth is amazing during this time. Now, on with my favorites from the week.


This week I have been eating Mason Jar salads. I love that I can prep them on Sunday (this week it was Monday) and they are fresh on Friday. I love pulling this from the fridge and an apple or banana and I am good to go for lunch. I have also been throwing some cuties in my bag because I CANNOT quit those little things this time of year.


This mug warmer is amazing. I love that it keeps my coffee nice and hot. So many times throughout the day I set my cup down and it gets cool too quickly. Now it stays nice and hot. This is a must-have for any coffee or tea drinker. You can find it here and it’s less than $10!


Guy had some Christmas cash and bought himself a snowboard. He was so excited to get this yesterday!


The best thing about Mondays started back up this week. Nick won me over during Bachelor in Paradise. I did not like him during his previous seasons. However, the ladies on this season are CRAZY! Who stood out to you? I don’t even have a favorite at this point…

Chris Harrison Believes Nick Viall Is The Bachelor We Need:


And in case you missed it, I yesterday I posted my Favorite Winter Beauty Products.


Cheers to Friday and a fun weekend. We have a full and fun one planned which includes Maddi’s and Guy’s first basketball games, Seattle Seahawks football, fun in the snow, and more. I hope you have a great weekend and thank you for reading today!


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16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {1/6/17}

  1. Happy Friday sweet friend! Look at that happy guy with the snowboard. Only our older two wanted snowboards and I’ll never forget their excitement when we got them their first ones and they open them up, they tackled us with hugs. I love salad jars, everything just looks so pretty in the glass sometimes I hate to pour it out on the plate, ha ha. I hope your weekend is wonderful, fun filled and cozy!

    1. I hear you about the salads. They look so pretty and yummy. That is an adorable story about your boys and their snowboards. He is really excited to try it out this weekend. Have a great weekend with your family!

  2. I have always wanted to try making mason jar salads for the week but I have never accomplished this task. Do you have any great recipes that you love?? Everyone has been raving about the new season of the bachelor. I stopped watching after Sean Lowe’s season for many reasons but maybe I will start watching again. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I just make up my own vinegrette, and add that to the bottom with some cherry tomatoes, chick peas, chopped veggies, and then I leave the lettuce for the top (I use kale) and I add some sunflower seeds. The kale does not get soggy bu stays really crunchy. This season of the Bachelor is going to be kind of crazy I think (with some crazy ladies). It sucks me in every single season. Have a great weekend with your family!

  3. Great idea with the salads! We do the overnight oats in mason jars but didn’t think of it for salads! We’ll have to try it 🙂 I’m excited for the Bachelor too! All the girls seem a little nuts so no favorite yet.. we’ll see next week! Happy Friday!

    1. I agree, I don’t have a favorite contestant yet either and I think they will bring the crazy this season! I want to try some over night oats, do you have a favorite recipe? Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I too starting liking Nick during Bachelor in Paradise. I really like the gal from Canada. I can’t remember her name, but she’s Italian, speaks a couple of languages and works with special needs kids. I remember all that, but not her name. Ha! Anyway, she seemed fun and sweet. Have a good weekend! 🙂

  5. Whenever I’ve tried to “save” lettuce for leftovers, it’s always wilty and kinda gross the next day. I’ve never saved/prepped anything in Mason Jars, so I’m really surprised that the lettuce is still fresh by Friday. I may have to try that for the New Year!

    1. Laura, I love it. I use kale as my lettuce and it stays just as fresh as the day I made them. I have the same problem with all of my veggies if I prepped salads for a couple of days, they get kind of yucky but stay fresh with the mason jars. Just make sure that the dressing does not touch the sides of the jar (it goes on the bottom), I put my tomatoes in the dressing, then layer chopped veggies, and then top with the lettuce. I think having the lettuce on top is the secret to it staying fresh. It’s the way to go if you like salads for lunch. Have a great weekend and congratulations on being featured this week on the blended blog!

  6. I love mason jar salads. I love how it keeps them so freash!!
    I am buying that mug warmer now. I do the same thing.
    Guy is just to cute.
    I use Pond’s too! I love it.
    Happy Friday friend.

    1. You will use the mug warmer all the time! I just know you will love it! I have always used Olay and Clinique and LOVED this Ponds. I think it works just as great as both of those products. I also love the price 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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