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So one of my goals for the New Year is health. Weight has always been something that I struggle with. I gain, I lose. I gain, I lose. I workout, I don’t. I workout, I don’t. Always. I LOVE food, I LOVE TV and vegging, I LOVE getting a good run in, I LOVE yoga, I LOVE wine, I LOVE dessert, I even LOVE veggies and fruit.

I am just going to put this all out there. I want to change, I need to change, and I thought this little space would offer me some accountability. I thought each month I will track my meals,track my results, track my weight, track my workouts, track my goals and report back. I don’t know, something about writing this out there for family, friends, and total strangers to read feels like I have some accountability and motivation to become healthier. So here I go.


Here are my starting pics. Not flattering at all but I need to face it and know that I will slowly change.


All I have is my baseline this month but will report back next month. I think the biggest thing for me is that three years ago I lost 40 pounds doing Weight Watchers and I was the healthiest I have EVER been. Fast forward to present day and I am creeping up on my starting number again. I just need to change.


I thought I would share some goals to help me break into routine and keep me focused.

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." by Tony Robbins:

Lose 20 pounds-My motivation will be a Kendra Scott necklace or earrings. I think that will motivate me. I also know that this goal will not be reached for awhile. My next goal will be at the 30 pound and 40 pound mark.

Workout at least 3 times per week- as a busy mama, full time teacher, and wife (the list could go on and on), time is a hot commodity that can be hard to come be. But the thing is, last spring I trained hard and ran a 5K so I know I have the time and can find the time. I know my hubby and kids will support me. I just have to do it and stop making excuses.

Cut out Pepsi and no wine this first month. AHHHH! I am not that big of a pop drinker, but every now an again I love a Pepsi from the fountain with popcorn on a Friday or Saturday night. I went YEARS without having a Pepsi (when before it was a daily drink). I have been having them more frequently and I just need to cut them out all together. It is not good for me. I also have been drinking my fair share of wine and rum (hello hot buttered rum) over the holidays and need to cut all alcohol out for this month.


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This will be my motto this month!

Another LARGE piece of motivation are my two kids. They watch me constantly and I want to show them a healthy lifestyle. I want to show them that it is important to take the time to exercise and prepare healthy food.


I will share with you in February a recap of what I ate this month.

This is a hard subject for me to even talk about. I love control and structure and I guess what bothers me most is I have none of this right now with my food or my workout routine. I need to regain control of my health. In a world of perfect snaps on social media platforms, Pintrest, and media, if you are going through body image issues, just know you are not alone. I hope that in February I have some good news to report back on. Thanks for reading today, and just know as you are reading this I am probably craving a Pepsi or a thinking about a glass of red wine. Here’s to health, healthy living, and giving yourself grace and some time to take care of you!




8 thoughts on “Fit-Fluence

  1. I love this post!!! I love to wine and I love good but I also know I need to fit into my work clothes, ugh!! You can totally do this!!! I am doing a 3 day refresh (shakeology product) this week. I hope to do a recap next week.

  2. I so get this Jenna. 10 years ago I lost 36 pounds and have kept it off. I had gained from meds and was like oh no you don’t. But oh it creeps and your mind over rides your goals. I know you are a strong, sweet, successful lady!! You got this! When you think you don’t, email me and remember how good you felt when you lost before! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

    1. Thank you SO much for your support Andrea! I am already feeling so much better! I feel like I am now at least somewhat detoxed from all the sugar and food and I have gotten in some great yoga sessions this week! Great job at keeping off 36 pounds! Keeping it off and not falling back into old habits is just as hard as losing! Thanks again for all of your support and encouragement!

  3. You can do this girl! I am in the same boat! I gain and lose…workout, don’t workout, etc! and the wine…oh my goodness I drink way to much! HA
    I start the 21 Day Fix on Monday! I have an amazing coach and I hope the accountability groups will help me!
    I can’t wait to see your progress and cheer you on!

  4. I will support you as much as possible! This is my thing girl! I love motivating and helping others reach their potential. I know you want it so guess what? It has to happen because you have the tools to do it! Weight Watchers is a good program as long as you put in the sweat equity too!!! You are going to rock the scale in 2017. XO!

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