Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap…New Years Addition

WARNING! You are about to read about the most boring New Years and New Years Eve ever! Hahaha! It was just what we needed.

On Friday we went to Starbucks for cake pops and to surprise Brandon with a coffee (he had to work). I tried one of the new Tuxedo Mochas (I turned down my last chance at a white chocolate peppermint mocha). I am so glad I did, these are amazing.

Later that nigh we did a little science. My mom got the kids each their own little STEM kits. Maddi made some crystals which are still growing and Guy got some dinosaur fish. Both kids are a little freaked out and keep asking if they are going to crawl out of the tank. We keep telling them they will be like tadpoles. Guy is pretty excited and has been taking great care of his “babies” (as he calls them).

Saturday was a fun and busy day. Somehow Maddi has grown about three inches and her pants no longer fit. She is ready for a flood. On Saturday we went and did some damage at Old Navy. They were having great sales on Saturday. She also had a $50 Visa Gift Card burning a hole in her pocket and spent that at Claires on a journal, some press on nails, hair chalk, and some lip gloss. Guy used his gift card to buy a snowboard. Pray for no broken bones.

To celebrate New Years we ordered Chinese food and watched all the countdowns on TV. Poor Mariah Carey. We are lucky enough to watch Eastern Time Zones and went to bed at our normal time.

New Years came on Sunday and I was able to get in a full yoga practice first thing in the morning (I haven’t worked out since September).

We watched the Seahawks and other football games all day. I also watched The Bachelor! Woohoo for that starting. Today is also our last day off before heading back to school. This has been the most relaxing break. The kids wanted to just stay home and I was happy to oblige. In fact, one day I asked if they wanted to go see a movie and they both turned me down. They had so much fun playing with each other and their new Christmas presents that they were content to be at home. I am going to miss these days as we head back into our school routine. I am looking forward to basketball starting this week. Maddi has been practicing with her team for the last month and I am excited to see them in action. Guy also had basketball clinics each Saturday.

I hope you had a great New Years Eve. How did you celebrate the New Years?


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9 thoughts on “Weekend Recap…New Years Addition

  1. Love that selfie of you guys all cozy and snuggly. I know, it sucks going back to the grind. I send our two boys back to college Sunday and the youngest went back to school today. Those STEM kits are amazing. A few years ago when I was working on my masters, I actually had to do a research paper on the concept. Hands on learning is best education there is if you ask me! I cannot wait to see you at 2017 has in store for you my friend! Hugs!

    1. Andrea, I completely agree about hands on learning. It is the best! Also, I was nervous and anxious this morning but fell right back into the groove when I walked into my classroom. It was fun seeing all my kiddos again and hearing about their breaks. And it is always great to see my coworkers! 🙂

  2. Yay for lazy breaks! I had a great one and it was super hard to get back up on Monday! Another yay to the kids being super happy just hanging out at home. We went to see Sing on Friday with ten billion other people – geeeeeez! Happy back to work day – I hope it is smooth! xo

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