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January 2016 Goals and a December ReCap

I always feel like January is sad and cold and depressing, this reminds me that it can be beautiful too, you just have to look for it.:

There is something so refreshing and new about January. I try to be as positive as I can about January because I can have a hard time with this month as well. It is long, it is cold, and if I let it, I can get a little depressed towards the end of January. Last year I really tried to focus on the good parts about the month, being able to stay inside and cozy, a long weekend, and football. Another thing that helped ease the January blues was being able to get outside and go for some walks. February warms up a little around here and that means we can at least get outside (if we bundle up) for a little sunshine. Anyone else have a hard time with January? Ok, so now with that random thought out of the way, lets recap my December goals and move onto my January goals (because productive goals also help boost my mood).


  • No eating after 7 PM on school nights. I did alright-ish with this. Let me just say that eating is habit for me and I would be reaching for a sweet little treat some nights and had to really think, am I hungry? Put the cookie down. Haha! But I did do pretty good. I sure did indulge on the weekends though. Oops.
  • Workout 3 times per week. Yep, NOPE, didn’t happen. AHHHH, I have to start working out again. I love it and it makes me feel so much better and for some reason when I am in a good workout routine I just feel more organized and seem to get more accomplished.
  • Plan a fun Christmas Break. Nailed it. In the summer we are out and about doing a lot of things during the day. Each day of the week we try to do something. The best part about Christmas Break was, my kids wanted to be at home. They wanted to sleep in and play with their toys, they wanted to watch Christmas movies at home with popcorn and Christmas movies. It was not glamorous, we didn’t do anything that was noteworthy, but we celebrated the season together and we enjoyed down time. Which is great because basketball games are about to start up for each kid every weekend from now until the middle of February.
  • Declutter tops of places. Check and check. Anyone else get areas that just catch all the mail, all the loose pieces? I went through our house and got things put back in their places. I LOVE getting rid of junk.
  • Have Life Planner set up for new year. I am in LOVE! With the Lesson Planner, you have to date all the calendars and the pages so I just naturally thought I would have to do this with the Life Planner. It comes already set up, I just added fun stickers and jazzed it up a bit.

I am surprised that I was actually productive outside of Christmas activities this month. I felt like that was our focus, but looking back I am glad that I planned out these little goals to make my life a little easier heading into January.

Now onto my January Goals.

  • No soda: I usually don’t drink much soda, maybe one a month. Since November I have gotten into a horrible habit of drinking a Pepsi once a day. Oh, it tasted wonderful but I know that I need to just cut it out of my diet and daily habits. The best way (and hardest way) is to just cut it cold turkey.
  • Read 3 Books: I have started reading a new book for enjoyment and it is a wonderful way to spend some down time. I started and finished a book this weekend so I have at least two more to read this month and I am feeling really good about this. Another pro about reading is it really cuts into social media which I am trying to limit.
  • 40 Bags in 40 Days: I got this idea from Mel’s blog. I made a list of 40 places around my house that needed de-cluttered and gone through (including my closet) and have LOVED getting rid of junk. I am keeping a running tally of all of the bags I am getting rid of. It feels SO good to get rid of stuff/clutter/junk and have less.
  • Workout at least 3 times per week: I hope I get in even more workouts and I am hoping that this single goal will become habit again. As easy as it is for me to fall into a workout routine, it is even easier to fall out of a workout routine. I NEED to make this a priority. If there is one goal I want to reach this month, this would be it.

I have a couple of other goal posts coming up in the near future, including my goals for the entire year and some health goals. Nothing starts my year off right like a good list to accomplish. What are your goals for the month? Do you make resolutions or goals for yourself? I used to not, but last year I made a list and monthly goals and I had a productive year. Some goals are big, some are small. Thanks for reading today!


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