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Christmas 2016

It came and it went and we enjoyed every sweet second of it. Oh Christmas season, we will miss you. Here is how we spent our Christmas…grab a cup of coffee and cozy on in, this is our Christmas.

Christmas Eve was full of baking (Skor bars, cinnamon rolls, and twice baked potato casserole). We stayed in our PJ’s and watched Christmas movies and football and then headed up to my parents house for an early dinner. My dad and mom made this snowman dressed like Phil from Duck Dynasty. And the kids did some sledding with my Uncle Mike and dad.

I snagged a quick picture with my grandma and grandpa. They were high school sweethearts and still just sweet as can be. I also love the little photo bombers.

My Uncle Stan was there sporting his Christmas sweater. The kids refer to him as Stanley Clause this time of year.

I love my family!

After dinner and watching a horrible Seattle Seahawks game, we headed home to get our Christmas Eve chores done…

We set out cookies for Santa, and Maddi wrote him a note thanking him for another great year with George.


We said goodbye to George and laid out carrots for his reindeer.


Then Santa came!


The kids woke up at 4:50. We sent them back to bed. Then, at 6:30 they woke us up again and this time we got up. I love those little boogers, they even made sure my coffee pot had started. They know that mama needs her coffee.


We look through our stockings first. Notice my kid’s wonderful stockings. Maddi won a Hannah Montana stocking a couple of years ago and has LOVED it, and Guy was given the singing Elmo stocking as a baby and refuses to give it up. I am going to love when we can have fancy matching stockings, but will enjoy these crazy two stockings for as long as I can because it is pretty funny and random.


After opening presents we played some games. Guy and I were on a team for Guess Who.

Then around noon we headed up to my parents house for Christmas with them. The drive to their house was beautiful.


We opened presents, don’t mind the fudge on Guy’s face. My mom scored a Nintendo when they were on flash sale. This was SO fun to play!


We had a prime rib dinner.


And then we played Speak Out, which was hilarious.

And I beat everyone at Trivial Pursuit.

Christmas always comes and goes so quickly but I am so grateful for all of the memories and family time we were able to squeeze in this past month. I hope you were able to have a Merry Christmas with the ones you love.


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