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Let’s Talk-Home Tips

I LOVE posts like this. I love being able to see how people organize their lives and homes and always pick up several great tips from people. Today I am linking with Andrea and Erika to talk about tips and tricks to keep your home clean and organized. Today is the day that I am going to pack up and put away all of my Christmas decorations and I will be cleaning as I go. These tips are not earth shattering, but they do help me keep my home tidy during the busy work week. Please know, I do not hire a cleaning company to clean my house (ultimate dream). I am just trying to keep a clean home while working full time and carting two kids from activity to activity. I am the cleaning lady.

General tips:

  • I keep cleaning supplies together and in buckets. I will do a post on this later, but each room has their own bucket. I have a bathroom bucket kept under the sink in each bathroom which includes all of the cleaners and rags I will need for that bathroom. I have a kitchen bucket, a living room bucket (which is shared with the bedrooms as well), and a man cave bucket. I also have two vacuum cleaners. One for upstairs and one for downstairs. This is makes it SO much easier than having drag a vacuum up and down stairs. I also have a handheld vacuum I use for the stairs.
  • You can clean virtually ANYTHING with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dawn dish soap. This is my favorite solution to use on my couches, my glass cook top, and any other stubborn stain.
  • I wipe down counters (kitchen and bathroom) each day.
  • If we are walking into a room, we take an item with us. If we are going from the living room to the kitchen and there is a coffee cup in the living room we take an item with us.
  • My kids pick up the living room and man cave of their toys each day before bed.
  • I sweep and vacuum each day. The man cave gets vacuumed once a week since it is not used as regularly.
  • Everything has a place.


  • I do an average of two loads of laundry each day from start to finish (folded and put away). Some days less, sometimes I need to do three loads of laundry. I HATE piles of laundry, we have three hampers. One in each bedroom. This really helps me stay on top of laundry.
  • On Sunday I do a load of kids clothes, on Wednesday I do a load of kids clothes. I also know that I will need to do a load of Brandon’s work clothes at some point mid week, and on the weekends. Doing two loads a day helps cut down on the need for any more hampers.
  • I buy easy wash, dryer friendly clothes for everyone. I don’t iron. We own one, but I don’t use it unless I need to.
  • I keep a small trash can with a liner near our dryer for lint.
  • I wash bedding, towels, and throw blankets on Sundays. Sundays are a big laundry day, I hate starting Monday with laundry still to do.
  • I fold and put laundry away immediately.
  • I start my laundry in the morning, switch it the dryer as soon  as I get home, and start a new load. Once dried, I fold and put away the first load and then switch the second load to the dryer. When the kids are getting in their pajamas I usually dry and put away the second load. It really takes about five minutes to fold and put the laundry away. I think folding and putting laundry away are the EASIEST way to keep your laundry under control.


  • Please know, until last week, I had been doing dishes by hand for the past YEAR and 3 months. It became a part of my daily routine and I didn’t mind, but thank the good Lord for the person who invented the dish washer. When you live on a budget (because you do not own one of those fancy trees with dollar bills growing off of it), your husband LOVES Dave Ramsey and hits a deer with his truck and we have to spend our dish washer money (because we can’t use savings) for our deductible (I say this all lovingly by the way) then you just go without. Needless to say, my dish washing routine has improved…
  • I rinse as we go. If there is a dirty dish, pot, or pan, we load it immediately. I have worked really hard to teach my kids and hubby (hahaha) the only, correct, right, my way to load the dish washer. They know exactly where to put it in the dishwasher and are able to rinse their own dishes.
  • I run my dishwasher at night even if it is not full. This way I can unload it first thing in the morning and start the reloading all over again. If I am baking or the dishwasher gets full during the day I simply run it when it is full and then again at night, unless there are two cups or only silverware. Then I can usually wait until the end of the day to run it again.

I think the biggest piece of organizing advice is having a spot for everything. Also, giving yourself grace. Messes are going to happen, and there are going to be days when you would rather put your feet up than clean up, so do that. I know that mess and clutter stress me out, but sometimes it happens, especially with young kids and a jam-packed schedule.

Have a great Monday, I hope your Christmas was wonderful. I will be sharing about ours on Wednesday. What am I missing from my tips list? How do you keep up with home keeping and cleaning? I would love to hear new ideas.


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