Weekend Recap

What  a weekend! It was a great little weekend and although it did not go as planned, it turned out BETTER than expected. We have been go-go-go since the beginning of November and this weekend was just the perfect mix of Christmas fun, but also vegging out on Christmas movies together as a family.

To begin, Brandon’s dad was supposed to be staying with us on Friday night but then a huge snowstorm blew through and he decided to make his trip first thing Saturday morning. Brandon and I thought we would take the kiddos out to walk around the neighborhood and look at the lights. We got home, changed into comfy clothes, picked up some pizza (because of the snow no one was delivering) and then decided to watch the Santa Clause 1 and 2.

Fast forward to 8 PM and everyone was sleeping except me. Instead of walking around in the single degree temps (7 degrees!) I sent everyone to bed and started wrapping a few presents and watched a Hallmark movie. Bliss.

On Saturday morning, Brandon’s dad arrived so we visited for a little while before he had to head back. It was a quick trip to drop off presents. I went to WalMart and Costco (they were both BUSY) and then came home to make some appetizers for a Christmas party at my parents house. I made sausage balls and ranch and bacon pull-apart bread. I did not take any pictures of the party, but after everyone left we stuck around and played games with my parents and sister.



Sunday was spent watching movies and playing games.


Sunday night we ventured out and looked at the lights to end our weekend.

I cannot believe that in one week, Christmas will be over. It makes me so sad to think about. So I am going to embrace all of the excitement. The anticipation is high in our house and I am so looking forward to this coming week.

I hope your week is off to a great start!


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8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Look at you pretty ladies…3 sweet generations!! Yum…sausage balls..I wish I had some, I love those things!! Oh why must this season go so fast? Love it and I hope your week is wonderful….just like YOU!

    1. I swear I should be planning for Halloween and trick or treating 🙂 It always goes by so fast but I am just soaking everything in. I still have two little believers here so I am hoping to hold on to that because I don’t know what will happen next year. Have a great day Amanda!

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