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Tips to Ease the Monday Blues

As the New Year approaches, and as I have one more working Monday left before Christmas Break, I have been thinking about ways to get a little more efficient in the new year. I feel like if Monday starts off on the wrong foot, my week is shot (I know, terrible). I try to start the week as strong as I can and I try to use my weekend wisely in order to minimize the craziness of the work week. Here are some tips and tricks I use to ensure my week starts off on the right foot.


I meal plan. Saturday is my favorite day to meal plan. I look in my pantry and fridge to double check what we already have and look over our schedule to see which nights I need a quick dinner or to use our crock pot. We do not typically eat out so meal planning is important. I plan for all meals, Saturday through the following Friday. I would also rather have a root canal than to go to the grocery store during the week after work. I try to shop on Saturdays and complete all of my errands that day. Brandon usually is able to stay with the kids which is so helpful, they would rather have a root canal than come with me. Meal planning with the following weeks schedule in mind also stops the going out to eat or take out.

Clean the house. We have a house cleaner and her name is Mom. Hahaha. But really, I am the house cleaner. I clean throughout the week, but on Sundays I like to have all of the floors swept and mopped, the bathrooms scrubbed, and the bedrooms dusted and picked up. I vacuum pretty much daily but like to do deeper cleaning on Sundays throughout the day.

Laundry. I love starting Mondays with an empty hamper. I also wash all of the bedding and towels on Sunday. Nothing is better than crawling into clean sheets on a Sunday night. I feel like I can conquer the week ahead with clean sheets. Random and weird, but absolutely glorious. Knowing that our closets and dressers as well as linen closets are fully stocked is a refreshing feeling.

Bath and to bed early. I put the kids to bed early on Sundays and also go to bed a little earlier and watch TV while my mind settles. This is helpful, but also I can get some good down time before Monday.

My Keurig is loaded and ready to go. All I have to do is turn the machine on first thing in the morning. I make sure my little POD dish is loaded and the water reservoir is full with a mug underneath.

Reading Logs/Homework/Backpacks/lunch boxes and shoes are ready. I have my kids hang their back packs on the backs of the chairs by he door, their shoes on the chair, as well as their lunch boxes packed and ready. This helps so much with getting everyone out of the door. I also make sure that my purse is ready and I locate my keys and fill my water bottle on Sunday night.

Monday’s dinner is easy. Mondays are one of our busier evenings with basketball practice and such. Dinner is either a crock pot meal or something that is prepped and ready to throw in the oven.

Brandon and I talk about the schedule for the week. We talk about what meetings we have, what practices the kids have, what events the kids have, and any upcoming appointments. It helps to be on the same page. This helps with kid pick ups and knowing where we are after work. It also helps with meal planning to know this in advance.

Rest and relax. I love a relaxing Sunday. As a working mom with two young kids who are involved in different activities, Sundays are our day to rest as a family. It can be really hard for me to feel caught up and ready for the week ahead when I am gone on a Sunday (for a weekend trip). It is really important to have home time with my family and make sure everyone is taking it easy and relaxing and resting for the week ahead. I don’t feel to guilty for sitting and watching football or baseball (during the spring and summer). I don’t feel guilty if I want to binge-watch Netflix or Hallmark Christmas movies. I don’t feel guilty if I catch a little nap. Resting is just as important as cleaning the house and getting things organized. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

I am an anxious person and tend to get anxiety on Sundays if I feel like I am not able to get everything done and ready. Somehow or another, everything gets done. I think another important thing to add to the list is giving yourself grace. Am I going to get everything accomplished on the weekends? No. Am I always going to feel prepared for the week ahead? No. Grace is really important and something I struggle with giving myself. I leave laundry in the washing machine or dryer to switch over or fold on Monday mornings. I don’t always get around to vacuuming each room or dusting each surface. Grace is important.

How do you get ready for the week ahead? How do you calm your Sunday anxiety? I would love any and all tips! Thanks for reading today!




4 thoughts on “Tips to Ease the Monday Blues

  1. I’m pretty sure that if you and I met in real life, we would be instant BFF’s! I don’t work but serve as PTO President (which can be a full time job)
    I can’t stand to start my Monday’s off on the wrong foot!
    This list just speaks my love language!

  2. I think it is safe to say I do all the things you listed. I am also an anxious person and I have to have my ducks in a row so they don’t get shot LOL! I cannot think of any new and improved ideas to make things better. But I can say all your tasks are work and maybe if you added in some time to meditate, pray, or journal you would feel better? I know it seriously helps me! xoxoxoxo

    1. Amanda, you are so right. I need to stop and slow down and pray a lot more. Especially when I start to feel anxious. I really have nothing to feel anxious about, but that makes me even more anxious. Hahaha! Have a a great day and thanks for the advice 🙂

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