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2015 Christmas Eve Eve

This post is for nothing other than memory sake, but also to share with you one of my favorite days of the holiday season. December 23rd is a holiday, haven’t you heard? We celebrate it in our house. There is something so magical in the anticipation that Christmas is so close, the kids are anxious and excited and it is just a day we have made special.

Here is a look at our Christmas Eve Eve of 2015…

Our day is split into two parts…baking and then night…

This is the day that we bake all of our Christmas cookies. I am a Type A person, to the core, but there are a couple of areas that I try to step back and let the kids take over…gingerbread houses, tree decorating, and Christmas cookies.

We prep the dough and then bake all the cookies and let them cool. While we wait for them to cool we get to play in the snow…


I wipe the table down with a damp towel and then lay wax paper over it. This makes the wax paper stick to the table and not budge around while the kids are decorating. This makes for awesome clean-up.


We prep all of the frosting together and then lay all of the sprinkles and cookies out.


The kids go to town decorating. I love a well decorated cookie, but I also know that I will not have little helpers in my kitchen forever and so I try to embrace this time with them and the memories we are making. I love letting them do what they want and seeing their creations. They do really well with them.


You can also see our elf George hanging out in the background…


At night we get in our pajamas (even Brandon), go to a coffee shop for hot chocolate and then drive around looking at Christmas lights. We bring along some Christmas cookies to eat along the way. I love this night so much. We listen to Christmas carols and spend this night together as our tight little family of four.

Here is our 2014 picture…

Do you celebrate Christmas Eve Eve? If so, what do you do to celebrate? I hope you are having a wonderful week!


8 thoughts on “2015 Christmas Eve Eve

  1. I LOVE that the eve eve is such a special day for you! Love the sugar cookies and I swear those sweet smiles melt my heart! You have the happiest kids and make the greatest memories! That equals one amazing mom! You ROCK!!

    1. Andrea, thank you! We love the day and I don’t know if my kids even realize we do this each year on the 23rd, but one day they will and I hope they remember it with love 🙂 Have a great day!

      1. I am so excited that my kids are getting big enough to start family traditions!!
        And Christmas Eve Eve with JUST your tight little family is the best idea I’ve ever heard. The calm before the storm and a chance to enjoy the holiday just the 4 of you.

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