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Spiel the Beans…Favorite Christmas Memory

Memories are a way of holding onto the things  you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to lose.:

Today I am linking with Katy and Shelly, and we are spieling the beans about our favorite Christmas memory. I have to be honest, I love Christmas and had such a difficult time narrowing it down to one Christmas memory so I thought I would share a couple of different memories…

Favorite funniest Christmas memory: 

My dad goes all out for outdoor illumination. My mom and dad have a HUGE pine tree in their front yard and my dad would always put lights as high as he could in it. They also have huge front windows. Instead of going outside to help, my mom and I stayed inside to watch him from the windows while my sister went outside to help. My dad climbed the top of a big extension ladder and was hanging lights when suddenly he fell off of the ladder and into the tree. My sister was screaming and my mom and I rushed outside only to hear my dad laughing, and then we all started laughing hysterically. It was pretty funny.

Favorite memory of a gift as a child:

My grandpa and grandma built me a huge play barn, complete with toy horses, stables, straw, shovels, rakes, saddles, everything you could ever imagine. I loved that and still have it.

Favorite memory of a childhood tradition:

We used to load up in the car and look at Christmas lights all over town. We would watch a lighted boat parade from the top of a bridge, we would have Christmas Eve dinner at my parents house (we still do) and then Christmas morning brunch at my grandma and grandpa’s house and visit my other grandparents house (both lived SUPER close by). We would watch all the Christmas movies and specials on TV together as family, we would load up in my dad’s truck and pick out our Christmas tree and then stop and get a candy cane milkshake from a local eatery. When I think of Christmas I have so many traditions and memories that I try to keep alive and going.

The Christmas song that brings back all of my Christmas memories:

Silver Bells

The Christmas foods that bring back memories:

My grandma Bev would make popcorn balls, divinity and fudge each year.

A tradition that Brandon and I shared from childhood and our kids will have memories of:

Our mom’s both bought us each a new ornament each year. I love hanging them on the tree or looking at them and all of the memories that come flooding back. I buy Maddi and Guy an ornament each year to hang on our tree and it is tied with some memory from the year.

One last memory:

My grandparents had a huge shop and each year, the first weekend of December they would host a large Christmas party including a D.J. or a live band, dancing, food, and fun. They would invite anyone and everyone and it was always so much fun.

I loved writing this post and thinking back over all of the memories. As I was writing this post I realized that the majority of my memories are centered around my most favorite people and spending quality time with them. Sure, I remember some presents I have received throughout the years but I hold tight to my memories of my grandparents and parents and how close our family is. My favorite memories of Christmas come from spending time with my family and our fun traditions that cost nearly nothing. I hope that when my children are grown, they have memories like this to look back on. I hope they remember the whole Christmas season and not just the day, I hope they remember the people and smells, the food, the fun, the traditions, and all of the magic. I am excited to read everyone’s memories today. Have a wonderful day.







8 thoughts on “Spiel the Beans…Favorite Christmas Memory

  1. What wonderful memories! I find that very few memories of Christmas have anything to do with gifts. We still chuckle every year about my step- father coming home with scraggly little Charlie Brown Christmas trees that he felt sorry for on the lot, the year my dad’s dog ate all the candy out of our stockings, and remember fondly decorating our windows using colored window wax.

    1. I love those little Charlie Brown Christmas trees! And was your dog ok after all the candy?!?! I bet you were all shocked lol! And I remember using window wax! What great memories, thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jenna thank you for sharing your Christmas memories! Silver Bells is a song I don’t think many people pick but it totally reminds me so much of my sweet aunt who died way too young. And my other great aunt always made divinity…and not alot of people even know what that is!! I haven’t had it since she stopped making it.

    1. Hi Shelly, I love divinity and have a great recipe for it. I got it from my great grandma who told me the golden rule to great divinity was to NEVER make it on a rainy day. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and sharing your memories with me! Have a wonderful day and thanks for co-hosting this fun link up each month.

  3. I love this post!! I was thinking about writing my own post to link up and had no idea where to start. I may have to copy your format!! Please tell me your Dad hires someone to hang his Christmas lights now. 🙂

    1. Oh Emily, he still hangs them each year and gets bigger and bigger. Hahaha! We still bring this up to him each year and laugh. Love that guy! Thanks for stopping by and copy away my friend! 🙂

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