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10:10 December 2016 Edition

Saturday was a fun and full day. I usually like my Saturday’s and Sunday’s slower paced but this time of year I embrace the lack of down time. I know my long winters nap is coming in January and Christmas comes but once a year.

On Saturday I woke up to a quiet house and sipped my cup of coffee by the window and watched it snow outside. It was so quiet and peaceful.

The kids woke up and headed outside to play in the snow.

Maddi had basketball pictures that morning so we had to venture out. Guy and I took some selfies because Maddi was too cool for school.

Brandon’s mom and step-dad came into town just in time for the Christmas concert! My two cuties in front of the tree before we left.

Guy was so nervous. We were getting out of the car and he said he did not know if he could do it. Once he got inside and around his friends he was just fine. Also, during the concert he was so serious and looked like he was in pain while singing. It was pretty cute.

Maddi had a speaking part. This picture is pretty grainy because I can only zoom in so close with an iPhone. Hahaha. She did a great job of speaking slowly and loudly.

After the concert we went to our town’s Christmas Parade.

When we pulled up, our house looked so pretty with the Christmas tree inside, the snow on the ground and our lights outside. I had to snap a pic.

We had dinner, opened our gifts, and then played cards. My husband’s family are card players. My family, not so much. It has been so much fun learning how to play different card games throughout the years, but my favorite is rummy. Also, a little funny story, the first time I met Brandon’s parents they started playing a card game and when it was my turn to shuffle (something I did not know how to do) I just spread the cards ALL OVER the table and mixed them up that way. Hahahaha! I quickly learned how to shuffle like a pro!

And we ended Saturday with the best dessert!

Hope your 10th day of the month was filled with love, family, and Christmas cheer. Have a great Monday!


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6 thoughts on “10:10 December 2016 Edition

  1. Look at those precious cuties by your tree!!! Ahhh coffee watching the snow is what I did yesterday, we got a foot in one day!! Laid back holiday month weekends are the BEST!! Cozied up by the twinkly lights is where it’s at! Hope you have a Merry Monday you cute selfie taker!!

    1. So true about paid back holiday weekends! We woke up with more snow and I am trying to embrace the beauty of it. Nothing gets a person in the holiday spirit like twinkle lights and falling snow! 🙂 Merry Monday to you my sweet friend!

  2. What a great Saturday! I always forget the 10 on 10! I need to mark my calendar for next year!
    Oh the snow is so PRETTY! but you can keep it!
    My southern blood was made for the heat! HA

  3. Your shuffle story is funny!!! I bet they didn’t ask you to shuffle again…
    I’ve been thinking about my teacher friends this week; a full moon the week before Christmas break….scary! 😉

    1. We laugh about it all the time. I think the shuffling really shocked them at first and they did not know if I was serious. And then they realized I was. I went home and practiced for days and shocked them when I showed up and knew how to bridge even. 🙂

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