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Friday Favorites {12/9/16}

Happy Friday! This weekend is jam packed and we are ready to take it on! This is one of those weekends that we might need a weekend to recover. Not to mention I was not home before six PM each night this week (appointments and meetings). I am ready for a nap. Now onto my favorites from the week…


On Sunday the kids decorated their gingerbread house. It was about 45 minutes of pure entertainment. They did everything themselves and were so proud of their work.


It snowed this week! And we are getting more snow over the next couple of days (or so they say).



I might have been the last person on earth to know these existed. I ordered this mug warmer on Amazon and it should be here by Monday. For under $10, I feel like this is going to change my life (hahahaha, dramatic much, but seriously). I love warm drinks all day but can never keep my coffee or tea warm in my cute mugs while at work. Now I can.


My best friend has spoiled me rotten this week as my Secret Santa! 🙂


I had a lot of fun writings these posts this week, and hope you enjoyed them too!

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There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays


I hope you have had a great week and are facing a fun-filled weekend. Can you believe we only have two more weekends before the weekend of Christmas? I feel like I have so much to fit in before Christmas. Have a wonderful day.


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8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {12/9/16}

  1. Great Friday favs doll!! That looks like our snow, but we are supposed to have a foot by Tuesday. I had to smile at the mug warmer, so I constantly set my drinks down and forget about them and have to heat them up, well, I’m thinking I need this, lol. Have the best weekend beautiful lady, soak in the season to the fullest!!

    1. A foot of snow by Tuesday!?!? It is going to blizzard where you are. I am the same as you with drinks so this is going to be so nice to have. I think you need one too! It would make a great stocking stuffer 🙂

  2. Send some of that snow to Texas!!! The girls are praying we get snow sometime this winter. I love your gingerbread. I need to add the to our to do list this Christmas. Hope you have a great Friday!

    1. They are projecting 6″ next week…I will try my best to send it to TX instead! 🙂 The kids loved making the gingerbread house. I got the kit from Costco and it was already pre-built which was super helpful. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hmmm I hVe a candle warmer that works just like that, I might plug it in by my desk and see if it works? I like drinking out of cute ceramic mugs but make frequent trips to the microwave!!!! Happy Friday and I hear you on a weekend to recover from your weekend 😉

    1. Hi Erin, I feel the same way and one of my mugs has gold leopard print on it and I cannot put it in a microwave. I am hoping this thing really works well because I love cute mugs I also thought it looked like one of the candle warmers and I bet it would work. At least it would be worth a try! 🙂 I hope you are having a great weekend!

  4. Loving your faves – especially the Secret Santa gifts! Can I tell you I royally suck at gingerbread houses – HAHA! It will be in a post. Loving your posts this week. Commenting wasn’t working for me – stupid computer.

    1. As you can see I don’t even attempt gingerbread houses 🙂 that was all Maddi and Guy and they LOVED it! I got the kit from Costco and the house was already premade which saved a lot of headache. Hope you are having a great weekend!

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