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George has been visiting our house since Christmas 2012. I thought I would share with you some simple and easy ideas for your Elf at home. I would also love new ideas for George this year, so if you have any ideas PLEASE send them my way!

A little bubble (marshmallow) bath with the kiddos bath toys.
We pinned fishing line to the ceiling and tied water balloons to George to look like he was floating up.
Rolling down the stairs in the toilet paper.


I pinned his legs in the cupboard and he dangled to drink out of the straw.

Hiding in the fridge.

Crazy long straw and hot cocoa.

I snuck in to the kid’s rooms while they were sleeping and gave them each a red nose. I also gave myself a red nose. They woke up and were really confused at why my nose was red until they saw George with a red nose and looked in the mirror. This was a lot of fun. I am thinking of doing mustaches this year.

I filled the sink with water, dropped a few drops of food coloring in the water and made George his own little boat.

George wrapped Maddi’s cold lunch up the day before Christmas Break. She still talks about this and Guy is hoping it happens to him this year.

Bathroom humor is always a hit at our house.

Thank you for reading here today. I hope you were able to find a simple idea or two for your elf. Any ideas for me that are simple and a crowd pleaser? Thank you!


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    1. Hi Andrea, he is so much fun and such a big part of our Christmas traditions. The kids were so excited to see him again and started talking about him at the beginning of November. They just love having him and their smiles make it worth every second 🙂 Thanks for stopping by sweet lady!

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