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December Goals

Hello December. I have been waiting for you. I just love this time of the year and cannot believe how it is here. It seems like the school year just started and here we are finishing 2016.

Here is a little recap and review of my November goals:


  • Eat out only twice this month: Goal accomplished. I should say that we ate out while on our  little getaway, (both Friday night and Saturday for lunch) and for Guy’s Birthday but other than that we ate at home. Sunday-Saturday. I am really proud of us because once school and soccer started we got in the habit of eating out close to once or twice a week regularly (which is a lot for us).
  • Have Christmas cards addressed and ready to mail by Thanksgiving: my cards are ordered and will be here tomorrow, my address book is ready, the stamps are purchased. Although I did not complete this goal to 100% completion, I have a good start and they will be in the mail this coming weekend.
  • Start wrapping: I love wrapping. I stay up late on a Saturday night, watch the Hallmark channel and wrap. I was able to get a couple of gifts wrapped and look forward to continuing as other gifts start coming in.
  • Budget every dollar: We are budget people. Again, once school started the budgeting became really lax. We use the app Every Dollar and while we love it, you have to input everything manually. This keep communication open about spending, but when school started we just stopped doing this. November was a great month to restart. Every single dollar was budgeted and tracked this month.

My December goals:

  • No eating past 7 PM on a school night: with all the Christmas treats coming, I need to reign it in on the week nights, but come Friday and Saturday (where we will have plenty of holiday parties and get togethers) I will forgo the 7PM rule. This is going to be a challenge to me for a couple of reasons, I love dessert but I also have a bad habit of eating in the evening. Wish me luck!
  • Work out three times per week: True life, I have not worked out since the middle of August regularly. AHHH! I will do a yoga practice here and there but nothing consistent. I am ready to get back on track. Does anyone else seem to be more organized when they work out regularly?
  • Plan a fun Christmas break: I am so looking forward to Christmas break and spending time with my kiddos. I am hoping to have a fun activity each day, any ideas?
  • Declutter the tops of things: Am I the only one that sets the mail down or school papers on top of the microwave, or the table by the front door, and then I don’t look at them for a few days. I want to go through each flat surface in my house and declutter it if possible or maybe move some things around.
  • Have Life Planner set up before the New Year: I want to have some of my stickers in place, Birthdays and appointments labeled, and more before January 1st. Let’s face it, as soon as it comes in the mail this will be done, I just wanted to write it down as a goal.

What goals do you have for December? I feel like I have some lofty goals for this time of year but I also know I need them to stay focused and make good choices. Have a wonderful day and I will see you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.


4 thoughts on “December Goals

  1. I love wrapping too! I don’t just slap a bow on, I love putting pretty wired ribbon on everything, having my comfy cozy pajamas on listening to Christmas music and taking a sip of my tea in between which I usually have to heat up a couple times because it keeps getting cold, ha ha. Beautiful list sweet pea I hope you have a great day!

  2. The no eating after 7:00 would be so hard for me, but something I definitely need to implement! I’m not a dessert eater, but I love a salty snack and a glass of wine after the kids are in bed.

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