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Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Wednesday! I thought we would recap our Thanksgiving. It was full of family, friends, and welcoming in the season.

On Thanksgiving morning we woke up and had breakfast sandwiches and watched the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade. Next, Brandon and the kids built Legos while I worked on dinner.

We are briners. Thanksgiving is such a fun day because we have a LARGE crowd (20+ people) and it is always so much fun. I love hosting. We needed to snap a picture in front of our big bird!

Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. The next morning our Elf, George arrived!

The kids and I always decorate the house for Christmas on Friday. Always. It is so much fun and I let them decorate the tree all by themselves. Sure, I hang some balls up top, but for the most part, the kids do all the work.

On Saturday we met up with Auntie Randi for the movies.

It was a great Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2016

    1. Hi Jessica, we crammed as much in as we could. 🙂 I hope you like Moana, we loved it and the kids are already wondering when it will be on DVD.


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