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Christmas Crunch


dsc_0053This recipe is so easy your kids can do it. Literally. Christmas Crunch is a favorite little snack to eat on snowy days or those nights where we curl up under blankets and watch Christmas movies in our P.J.’s.


You will need:

30 oz (about 3 cups) of melting white chocolate wafers
2 cups pretzel sticks
5 cups of chex cereal (I prefer the corn over rice but it is your personal preference)
1 cup cocktail peanuts
1 cup of M&M’s (I found these fun white peppermint ones to throw in and did a mix of 1/2 the regular M&M’s and the peppermint ones) Use a festive colors if you like.
1/4 cup of red hots/cinnamon candies (found in the baking isle)

Place the melting chocolates in a microwave safe bowl.


Begin by melting the wafers. Maddi would set the timer for 30 seconds and then stir until the wafers were completely melted. It took approximately two minutes.


While Maddi was on stirring duty Guy measured the other ingredients into a big bowl.


Next, we poured the chocolate over the mix and added the red hots and M&M’s to the mix and stirred well.



Lay the mixture on wax paper to dry and set. Store in a air tight container.


A yummy, fun, and easy treat that can be changed with seasonal candies as the year goes on. I hope you enjoy.

From my kitchen to yours,





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