Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites {11/25/16}

Happy Black Friday. Did you go shopping, or are you out and about shopping today? We got a wild hair last night and wanted to go do a little people watching after our guests left so we went to WalMart. It was not as crazy as I was expecting but the people watching is always fun. Here are some of my favorites from this week.


This is one of my favorite projects all school year. I ask each student how they cook their Thanksgiving turkey and record it in a book. I send the book home to each family with all of the recipes. Their responses are incredible. One girl said her mom puts their turkey in a furnace. One child said they chase their turkey around and around before their dad catches it. One student said that she is going to only eat quesadillas and applesauce and NO turkey. I love this project.


When your friend gets you an early Christmas present. I can’t flip this picture for some reason, but this set is amazing. Fun fact, I have the same pots and pans that we received 11 years ago as wedding gifts so I feel extremely blessed and spoiled.


Guy has lost three teeth in one week. The best news is that he pulls them himself. Unlike Maddi who refuses to pull or even wiggle her teeth and freaks out at the thought of losing one. She gets it from her Mama.


We had the BEST Thanksgiving day.


I have been so excited for Gilmore Girls and it is finally here.

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I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you are able to do something fun this weekend to celebrate the season. We are decorating our house today, watching Gilmore Girls and drinking copious amounts of coffee, watching the Apple Cup (Go Cougs) and doing a little online shopping. We plan on staying in comfy clothes all day and relaxing. Have a great day and thank you for reading!


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4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {11/25/16}

    1. Hi Colletta, I am really excited about them. I hope they work well. I may have been even more excited to throw away some of my own pots and pans. Have a great day, and I will look into the PenPal exchange. Thank you!

  1. Jenna, I’m so glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving! If Guy would stop losing teeth, you could buy some Pioneer Woman cookware!! Tooth fairy work is pricey! 😉
    What do you think of the Gilmore Girls? I decided to re-watch the whole series, from season 1, before I start the new episodes…so it may be a while before I get to watch the newest episodes.

    1. That tooth fairy was scraping for change on the third night! Hahahaha 🙂 I could not believe it and he has another loose one. I liked the Gilmore Girls in some spots, but in others it was just okay for me. I was shocked at the ending. Happy Monday Emily!

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