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Weekend Recap {Guy’s Birthday Party}

What a fun weekend full of family and friends. Saturday was pretty much a blur and required all of us to take Sunday super slow.

On Friday night, we went to Costco (as you will see…I went to Costco every. single. day. this weekend). We bought a new Christmas tree (I am so excited to start decorating on Friday) and picked up a couple of supplies to get us through this weekend.

I also pulled out our turkey to let it begin to thaw. We brine our turkey overnight on Wednesday, so it needs to be completely thawed before Wednesday night. This is a 24 pound bird so it will take a few days.

Saturday I woke up, really relaxed for a day full of Birthday parties. Weirdly enough, Brandon asked if I had gotten the goody bags ready and I realized “NO” and then I thought, crap, I don’t even have a cake or table clothes or paper plates or ANYTHING! What in the world was I thinking? Obviously the answer to that questions was NOTHING. I was thinking about absolutely nothing. Party planning is my jam, I am super type A, have a list for everything and apparently thought my role in all of this was to just simply show up. The ball was completely dropped. We loaded up in the car and stopped at The WalMart and Costco and in one hour had bought everything we needed. You know what? I was still NOT stressed. Usually I make all this food and all these big plans and this was so simple. And everyone appeared to be having a good time so I am just going to thank my husband for his ability to party plan in about 30 minutes-a task that takes me a month to complete- and never freak out or stress out once (what a gift he has).

We had a family party at the house with grandmas and grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins galore!

Two crazy boys in sumo suits.

Guy had a party at the local gymnastics place. The kids get to run and run and use a bounce house and all of the equipment. Perfect for a rowdy group of kiddos 🙂



Opening presents.


We ate some cupcakes, drank some juice packs and were on our merry way. It was great day full of celebration.


Sunday we chilled like it was our job. I went to WalMart and Costco (again) for groceries and the last of Thanksgiving ingredients, and then came home, did laundry, cleaned up a bit and then we watched football and Hallmark all day long.

We have a short week of school this week and then we are off early on Wednesday. I am so looking forward to some down time with my family.

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start. Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Aww look at that birthday boy…so cute and yes, your Mr. Does have a gift!!! Yay, you got your tree! I put mine up on Saturday and love it. The boys are a tad upset we are not getting a real but they’ll get used to it, lol. Football and Hallmark sound perfect!! Here’s to your start to Turkey week lovely lady!!!

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