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Cozy Touches

When the days get shorter and the weather gets colder I go into a hibernation. I want to stay inside, drink hot drinks, read magazines and watch TV. It is supposed to be 32 tonight and only reach the low 40’s the next couple of days. Cold weather is here to stay for awhile. I am ready to get my cozy on. Here are some simple ways that I keep it cozy through the winter months.

I love Bath and Body Works candles and have a large stock pile. I have them lit throughout the house while we are home. I come home from work, start my Keurig for an afternoon cup of coffee and light the candles around my house.

Leaves is currently burning in my bedroom.

Along with a red cup, another way that I keep it cozy are blankets. We have lots of blankets around our house. My favorite come from Costco. They wash nicely (no pilling) and they last a long time. These blankets are super soft and less than $20. I could not find them online but they are in stores right now.

Hot drinks are also a way I keep it cozy. My kids love having hot chocolate with marshmallows after school as a snack, and I like to drink coffee. I like black coffee, but in the afternoon I like adding creamer to my coffee. I like stocking up on the seasonal creamers like Amaretto and Vanilla Sugar Cookie.

Having homemade treats is a great way to keep it cozy. These are my soft bake gingersnaps, another cold weather favorite.

Adding a scarf to any outfit is also a way to keep it cozy during the working day. This scarf is from Nordstroms, is super soft, and comes in several colors and is less than $20. You can find it here.

After work I need comfy, warm clothes to change into. This cowl neck sweater is from Costco, it is not online but in the store and is less than $16.00. These leggings are also from Costco and are fleece lined. There are three different colors/patterns to choose from, you can find them here for $16.99. These are the Capri Breeze and I am absolutely in love with them.img_4302

Candles, coffee, soft fluffy blankets, and comfy clothes help keep me cozy through the cold months. What helps you feel cozy? Thanks for stopping by today.



7 thoughts on “Cozy Touches

  1. I’ll take one of each, please!! The candle, the coffee, the scarf, the leggings…I want it all!! It is 80 degrees here in Texas today, but thankfully a cold front is coming through this weekend & we’re suppose to have our first freeze! I can’t wait. My sixteen year old & I are going to Stars Hollow this weekend. Aka…we’re watching Gilmore Girls all weekend to get her caught up by the end of the month! Definitely a cozy, legging wearing weekend around here!

  2. Sounds PERFECT! I also have the candles but I get mine at Kohl’s and have really enjoyed them. My blanket came from Sam’s but its really great. I have washed it and washed it and it has stayed in perfect condition! I paid about $14 for a two pack. Coffee, yes!!!! xoxoxo

    1. I WISH we had a Kohl’s! The closest one is two hours away. Small town problems. But we do have a BBW. I love the blankets! I am jealous that yours came in a two pack. Have a nice evening lovely lady!

  3. I also say that I am “solar powered”…the sun goes down, so do I! I do love all things cozy this time of year!
    I have that same scarf and LOVE it! Ben always makes fun of me because I have so many blankets around our house! HA!
    Happy Friday Friend!

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