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Spiel the Beans: Things I am Thankful for or Taken for Granted

Happy Tuesday. Today I am linking up with two lovely bloggers, Shelly and Katy to Spiel the Beans on what I am thankful for or have taken for granted.

When I was thinking about this post and what I was most thankful for, family kept coming to mind. I would not be the person I am today without my family. I am so thankful for my family (immediate and extended).

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Growing up, I lived in the same house all of my life with the same bedroom. My parents have been married for 36 years, my grandparents have both been married for over 50+ years, and I grew up living less than a 30 second car ride away from both sets of grandparents. One set of my grandparents actually shared our driveway with us. Visiting my grandparents daily was as normal as brushing my teeth. Looking back, it may have been a little like “Everybody Loves Raymond” but I loved it. I rode my bike between their houses, would get off the bus from school and go to their houses for after school snack (Oreo’s and The Andy Griffith Show) and then go about my day. I grew up in a tight knit family.

I have a really close but big family. If we can find a holiday to celebrate, we will celebrate it. We have plenty of BBQ’s, dinners, and parties throughout the year with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. I am so thankful to have a family who lifts each other up, celebrates successes (no matter how small), and who is there to rally when life gets hard. I love that both my kids will have memories with their grandparents, great grandparents, but also one great-great-grandparent.

I have taken my family for granted. Although I am so thankful for them I am afraid that I have let my “busy” schedule interfere with visits and stopping by to say “hi”. I lost my grandma Bev one year ago to thyroid cancer and my grandpa (her husband) six year ago. I took for granted that I would always be able to stop in and say “hi” and have a cup of coffee and watch the news or Judge Judy with them or just sit on their porch swing. I took for granted that I would not be able to give my grandma a sewing project, or visit my grandpa in his shop while he worked on some small engine project.

My family cheers each other on, lifts each other up, and supports one another. We have had our fair share of troubles and sadness, but coming together always helps. My hope is that my children know how loved they are and how they will always have people in their corner. I am so thankful for my family.

My dad, sister, mom, and myself
Family time at the carnival.
Guy and his best buddy, Papa Perry (my dad).
Just a little family fishing trip. When you fish with a bunch of young kids, who knows what will happen and why you end up laying on the dock. Good daddies.

Maddi and Guy with their Great-Great Grandma Lila (my great grandma).

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14 thoughts on “Spiel the Beans: Things I am Thankful for or Taken for Granted

  1. How sweet that you lived so close to your grandparents!! All of mine live at least 2 hours away or have already passed 🙁 But..I too treasure the moments with them!! You have an adorable family!!! Thanks for linking up with us 🙂

    1. Hi Tricia, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment. I treasure every memory I have of my grandparents and try to make as many as I possibly can. Have a great evening!

  2. Beautiful post. You know I realize i take my family for granted. I come from a broken family. My parent divorced after 27 years. My dad and I always had a horrible relationship. I’m not sure what I would do without my mama. In all the craziness that my childhood to late twenties were made up of I see the golden stitches of blessings. Thank you for this post.

    1. Hi Amanda, you are so correct. We all have hardships in our family. My family is far from perfect, but when push comes to shove we are there for each other through thick and thin. I just always assume everything will remain the same, it always rocks me when they change. I have a hard time accepting change. Also, my mama is my rock as well. Thanks for commenting.

  3. My parents live in the same house I grew up in, too. The kids now sleep in my old room and I love that it will always feel like home. If they ever sell that house my entire town will mourn! Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Hi Katy, I would be lost if my parents moved as well. You are right, it does feel just like home. My kids love staying in my old room and going through my things from when I was younger. Thanks for stopping by today.

  4. This is such a sweet post. I love that you (& your kids) have so much family around. We are blessed to be surrounded by many of our family members, too. I think the more people that can love on and support your family, the better. I hope you guys have the best Thanksgiving together!

    1. Thanks Emily. I love having a big family. A dysfunctional family, but a big loving family to say the least! I love the holidays and spending time with everyone. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family and friends as well.

  5. Such a lovely post. I too grew up close to my grandparents and have slowly lost them to illnesses over the past few years. I have one remaining and I try to see her every week or two.

  6. Thanks for linking this sweet story again! I really do think it serves as such a great reminder….here’s to not taking special relationships for granted in 2017!! You have been so sweet to link with us so many times this year and please know we appreciate it more than we can ever say!

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