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Weekend Recap-Long Weekend Fun

Happy Monday. I am coming off of a great weekend high. I did not want this weekend to end. We had a long weekend (with Veterans Day on Friday) so we had a slow morning at home, packed our bags, did some chores, hit up the car wash and headed out of town.

Brandon and I dropped the kiddos off with his parents and then made our way to a little weekend getaway.

Friday night we went out to dinner, did a lot of window shopping and a little Christmas shopping.  I just loved spending so much quality time with him.

We slept in on Saturday morning until after 8:00 (who are we?!?!) and then got ready for the day ahead.

Saturday was full of coffee (from our favorite coffee shop in the world), Christmas shopping, lunch, more Christmas shopping, and then dinner with his parents and picking the kiddos up. It was so much fun to get to visit with his parents, but we also were able to spend some time with his grandma as well.

On Sunday I went grocery shopping and then came home, did some more house keeping, baked up some yummy cookies, and hung out with my family.

I hardly have any pictures of this weekend, but it was so nice to be unplugged and focusing time and attention on my favorite people. I hope you have a great Monday.


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