10:10 November 2016

I love taking 10 pictures of my day on the 10th of the month. This was our second and final day of Parent-Teacher conferences, I wrapped mine up this year with only one no-show, plenty of great things to say about each student and now we are headed into a three day weekend.

Our Superintendent bought us all Starbucks and what a better day to do it? Hello beautiful red cups.


Lots of organizing takes place for conferences. I was at school the last two days at 6:30 AM to make sure I was prepped and ready to show parents all the amazing things their students have been up to.

I went to Guy’s conference (he is doing great at school). I LOVED looking at his writing.

Between conferences I actually had time to prep all of my materials for the next two weeks of school.

I came home from work and cleaned the house a bit, vacuumed, switched the laundry over, and then did the dishes.

Since it gets dark so early the kids played some games inside. They played Red Light Green Light…

Then Maddi did some cartwheels over Guy. How brave was he to lay there…and how did they figure out they could do this?

Dinner time was baked potatoes. Our dinner rule is that you can eat what I cook or you can have cereal. Someone chose cereal. It may or may not have been me.

Story time tonight consisted of a Noisy Truck book.

And I topped my night off with a hot cup of tea and some “Home Improvement”.

Just a pretty typical Thursday.


2 thoughts on “10:10 November 2016

  1. What a fun idea; ten pictures on the 10th! I’m going to try to remember that in the future! And, yes, Guy is the bravest person I know for letting someone do a cartwheel over him!! Wow!! Glad it worked out for him! πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was laughing about the cartwheel, I wonder how many times she has landed on him before they perfected it enough to show me. Hahaha! What a trusting little brother πŸ™‚


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