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Weekend Recap

Monday Checklist: Coffee, coffee, lipstick, coffee.

That sounds about like my checklist this morning. The week ahead is short but a busy one and we are ready for it. As long as I have the coffee, I can do all the things. Here is a look at our weekend.

On Friday night we went to the high school football game. Our school is in District playoffs for state and it was an exciting win. It was freezing cold, but so much fun. We bundled up in blankets, brought our lawn chairs and sat in the end zone for some small town Friday night lights while Maddi and Guy ran around with their friends.

I woke up and beat the rush at the grocery store on Saturday morning. While I was there I bought a couple little stocking stuffers for the kids, well I thought I had found them all and hid them in a bag and while unloading the car Guy found one. #momfail Guy had a sleepover with one of his buddies and we hung around with our favorite little red head for National Red Head Day.

Later that evening we had a little get together at my aunt’s house to draw names for Christmas. I brought cherry cheesecake dip with some dippers. Yummy!

On Sunday morning we asked Maddi what she wanted for breakfast and her reply was “McDonalds.”

Once we were home from breakfast we ripped out some carpet in a room in our basement because of water damage. NOT fun.

Sunday afternoon was full of watching football, filling out our voting ballots, grilling steaks, and being together as a family. Guy also had to play football during the football games and recreate the plays.

We ended Sunday with some reality TV and a cup of tea. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


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6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Sweet weekend!! How fun you get together and draw names. I would be so sad when the boys found their gifts if it was by accident, if they snooped, well then I was mad, lol. That cheesecake dip…oh my…scrumptious!! Happy week ahead!

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    1. The cheesecake dip is really good! I love the name drawing with the larger side of the family it works really well. I was so bummed but hope I covered ok because he seems to have forgotten all about it. Fingers crossed.


  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! We draw names on my mom’s side of the family, too! The kid’s always look forward to seeing who they get to buy for. That cheesecake dip look amazing. You need to share that, girl!! Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love drawing names. It is a fun tradition. How fun to put the kids in. We haven’t done that yet but know someday we will want to. The cheesecake dip is super easy and YUMMY! I will share 🙂


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