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November Goals

Hi! I don’t know if this is only at my house, but November is one of the fastest and fullest months of our year. Work is busy because we have Parent-Teacher conferences. I spend a lot of time preparing for those. It is Guy and Brandon’s birthday on the 16th, we also host Thanksgiving to around 20 people, craft fairs, and then there are all the fun Christmas traditions. It is a busy, fun, and full month that I look forward to each year.

I am a believer in writing my goals down and sharing them with people. I love monthly goals because it keeps me on track but also lets me think about our month in advance and some of the things I need to complete.

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Eat out only twice this month-I love cooking but I also love eating out. We are budget people and this can really eat into our budget. We ate out way too much in October and in November we need to scale it back. I know that we will go out to celebrate the birthday boys this month and then I am hoping to limit it to one other time. This does not include Starbucks. Starbucks is a NEED in our house!

Have Christmas cards addressed and ready to mail by Thanksgiving- I love getting this done earlier in the month. It is so helpful and such a time saver. This weekend I think we will take some fun pictures and get the cards ordered.

Start wrapping-I am a year round Christmas shopper and have some gifts that I can start wrapping now. I like doing this on a Saturday night while watching Christmas movies.

Budget every dollar- Like I said above, we are budget people. I love the app Every Dollar. This has helped us so much as every dollar that we made goes somewhere. This has helped us see where our money is going whether we use it for spending or saving. We became pretty relaxed with this and have not been doing the best. I would like to budget every single dollar this month, especially with the holidays and unseen spending pops up.

Thanks for reading today. Do you set monthly goals? If so, what is on your goal list this month? I would love to hear about them.


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6 thoughts on “November Goals

  1. I want to be you when I grow up! I made a September goal list and one of my goals was to paint my nails…and I still haven’t done it. I sooo wish I was an early Christmas shopper. I am going to try to get as much done before Thanksgiving as I can.
    Hope your students were fully rested and not at all on a candy high today. 😉

    1. We made it through today without any major sugar crashes. #teacherwin I am the same way as you Emily, I like to get as much done before Thanksgiving as I can because this time of year is crazy 🙂

    1. I love the monthly goals, I might not be saying this at the end of the month when I really want to eat a pizza and have already ate out twice 🙂 Flying by the seat of my pants is what I do best! Hahaha! Organized chaos is my game plan.

    1. Eating out twice is going to be TOUGH. We have it planned, but sometimes a pizza sounds so much better! 🙂 Also, sometimes I just get lazy after work and don’t feel like cooking so there is that too!

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