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The Weekend of Tricks and Treats

Friday was early release. Guy had one of his best buddies over for the afternoon and I headed back to work. Not only did I complete report cards but I prepped for the following two weeks.

When I got home we played a little basketball in socks none the less.


Saturday Maddi had her last soccer game bright and early. It was a foggy and cold fall morning. I am so proud of my girl for trying something new this year (she has done dance in the past). She had so much fun doing soccer this fall that she is ready for basketball and spring soccer. It was fun to watch her learn a lot of new skills, listen to a coach, score goals, get aggressive, and make new friends. Guy is my outgoing kiddo who wants to do all the sports while Maddi has been pretty quiet and shy and not willing to put herself out there. Soccer was so good for her.

We came home and needed to warm up. I made myself an extra cup of coffee and curled up under a blanket for the rest of the morning.

A couple of weeks ago we visited Brandon’s parents. They grow a HUGE garden with lots of pumpkins. The kiddos each picked their own pumpkins out of the patch. Guy chose the biggest one. We weighed his pumpkin on Saturday night and it weighed 103.6 POUNDS! Maddi’s pumpkin weighed in at a whooping 3 pounds. 🙂

My parents took the kiddos on Sunday. Brandon and I had our fill of Seahawks and Starbucks. We watched football all day long and relaxed, cleared out a closet and a dresser, as well as did some chores around the house.

Why did we have such a lazy day? I am mentaly preparing for this week at school …

But I am REALLY excited about this…

I hope your weekend was filled with fun. Happy Halloween!


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10 thoughts on “The Weekend of Tricks and Treats

    1. Hi Johannah, it was the perfect way to recharge! 🙂 And add in a great baseball game at the end of the day! Thanks for stopping by and have a happy Halloween!


  1. Yep, I talked to three people today who are turning the Christmas music on tomorrow! Absolutely tomorrow should be a national holiday ha ha and I love how that giant pumpkin turned out!!


    1. The pumpkin was a lot of fun and looked really neat when it was lit up. Christmas season does start tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today Andrea!


    1. Hi Emily, the big pumpkin was a lot of fun. love the cold weather until February and then it can leave and be 80 and I would be happy 🙂 Cool weather thoughts for you!


    1. The pumpkin turned out so cool. We could see it perfectly a block away. It looked really neat all lit up. So far the week has went smooth! I am wondering what Thursday and Friday have in store 🙂


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