30 Things About Me.

I always find these posts to be a lot of fun. Here are some random facts and quirks about myself.

1.) I met my husband on an actual blind date that neither of us wanted to go on. We met in April and were engaged in October and have been happily married for 11 years.

2.) Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher at my school.

3.) I was voted “Funniest” and “Friendliest” in my senior class yearbook.

4.) I was in FFA and competed in public speaking in High School. Public Speaking does not scare me, I feel comfortable talking and presenting in front of large groups.

5.) Speaking of fears…I cannot climb a ladder without my knees shaking.

6.) I also HATE/am afraid of birds.My grandma used to bring me out to her chicken coop to collect the eggs and the chickens would fly out of the hen house and it was SO SCARY.

7.) I could go barefoot everywhere. I hate socks.

8.) I make my bed every single morning. Including hospital corners. I cannot sleep well in an unmade bed.

9.) I love politics. I had enough credits in political science to earn a minor but did not pursue it. I took the classes because I found them interesting.

10.) I like packing my husband’s and kid’s lunches for them.

11.) I have drank coffee pretty much daily since 7th grade. I drink coffee and tea around the clock.

12.) I get anxiety on Sundays. Why? I don’t know. I usually always feel anxious at some point on Sunday afternoon.

13.) When eating I typically eat one thing at a time. I hate bouncing from one thing to the next when eating. If I start with my salad, I finish my salad before moving on.

14.) I cannot stand piled up laundry on my dryer. I fold it immediately (or after another round in the dryer) and then put it away.

15.) My first car was a stick shift. I miss having a manual. Also, my parents bought it brand new in 87 and gave it to me when I turned 16. When I traded it in four years later it had over 250,000 miles. It was a Honda Accord.

16.) I have never been pulled over. I would probably cry if I ever was.

17.) I had never done laundry until I went to college. The first time I did laundry was in the college dorms and I thought Downy was detergent.

18.) I would rather eat a grilled steak (one of my favorite meals) at home than out at a restaurant.

19.) I prefer driving over flying.

20.) I color code EVERYTHING. My clothes in my closet are color coded, my lesson plans are color coded, my shoes, and my kids’ closets are all color coded.

21.) I vacuum pretty much every day. I love seeing the vacuum lines in my carpet and if I can’t see them I feel like my carpet needs cleaned. I usually come home from work, change into comfy clothes and then vacuum before doing anything else.

22.) I cannot grow succulents. I either over water or under water them. I love gardening and growing flowers, but succulents are tough for me.

23.) I used to raise pigs for 4-H and FFA.

24.) Umbrellas being opened inside, walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror are all superstitions of mine.

25.) I get embarassed for people. I HATE awkward situations and usually make them worse by either making eye contact at the wrong time, covering my face during the embarrassing moment, or just busting out a laugh. I do not handle embarrassment for other people well.

26.) I could eat pizza or Mexican food for every single meal.

27.) My favorite dessert is cookies. I LOVE a good cookie.

28.) Being in control is a comforting feeling for me. I hate unknowns or not having an answer.

29.) I wish I was a good singer. I LOVE singing and am not afraid to belt out a tune, but I am NOT good!

30.) I do not own a pair of booties and want a pair so bad BUT always talk myself out of them.

There you go, way more than you ever wanted to know about me. I hope you have a great day and thank you for reading today.


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