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A Little Bit of Fall

I thought it might be fun to share a little bit of what fall looks like for us, but also our favorite parts of fall…



I don’t decorate much for fall, but I do add some little touches.

My kids love this pumpkin. It flickers different colors.

I made this little ghost when I was in 4-H in 4th grade.

I made the pumpkin in 8th grade shop class (who would want to teach that class?!?!) and I love the kids seasonal art.

Each year we take the kids to as many Halloween events as we can. We love our local trunk-or-treat at the fair grounds and the Pumpkin Palooza. We also love going to the Pumpkin Patch, picking out the perfect pumpkin, eating pumpkin donuts and caramel apples and getting fresh squeezed cider.

We also love carving pumpkins.

Even some jack-o'-lantern smiles are forced. Pumpkin Masters patterns, lights, carving tools and more help you celebrate Halloween in a spooktacular way: <a href=pumpkinmasters.com.” width=”362″ height=”434″ />

and a little apple bobbing.


Once upon a time I thought I would be the mom who would sew ALL of my kid’s costumes, then I had a child and I broke my grandma’s sewing machine the first year and she sewed the second year costume. Now we buy the costumes.

My little Pebbles.
Raggedy Ann, this was also the last year that I “made” a costume. Grandma Bev to the rescue, she sewed this costume for me!
I did make the tutu and glue the eyes onto the little witch’s frog this year. Oh, how cute they are!
Halloween 2014
2015 Halloween
Halloween 2016

I always enjoy October. It is always full of fun and memories, but also welcomes in a special time of year, the Holiday season. What are your favorite parts of this season? Do you make or buy your costumes? I would love to hear about your traditions. Have a great day, and as always thank you so much for reading.


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